WordPress – vBulletin Integration Bridge Review

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WordPress vBulletin Integration Bridge


Do you want to run WordPress for your blog and vBulletin for your forum?

Do you want your users to have only one place to log in?

Do you want your WordPress theme to be on the vBulletin pages to unify the user experience?

Then you need the wp-vb plugin!



WordPress vBulletin Integration Bridge is a WordPress plugin as well as instructions to facilitate:

  • Integrating Wordpress with vBulletin.
  • Offering a single place to log in for both systems – When a user logs in with the existing WordPress login form, they will automatically be logged into vBulletin as well.
  • Offering a single logout – when a user logs out of WordPress, they will automatically be logged out of vBulletin as well.
  • Offering a single registration – when a user registers with the existing WordPress registration form, a user will automatically be created in vBulletin as well.
  • Automatically create vBulletin users for all of your existing WordPress users.
  • Unify your vBulletin theme to fit within your WordPress header and footer.



  • WordPress – most current versions.
  • vBulletin – 4+ (it could work on 3 & 5, it just hasn’t been tested).
  • Database – will work on both separate databases (vB on one, and WP on another) as well as when they are on the same database as long as the vB tables haven’t been renamed from the installation process.

This is not a 100% automated solution. The login, logout, and registration is an automated WordPress plugin. You will only have to add your vBulletin database credentials to your WordPress config file and install and activate the plugin for this functionality to integrate and sync your WordPress and vBulletin installation.

The theme unification is a more complex situation. It will require modifying files within your WordPress and vBulletin installation as well as adding vBulletin plugins.

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